Obligatory Awards-Post-Thing-That-You-Do-When-You-Do-These-Things.

So I guess if all my friends are doin’ it, that means I should too (and if they all jumped off a cliff fuck yes I’d probably join in as well). It’s awards season in SF/FLand, and while I don’t have an asthmatic’s chance in a roomful of cats of getting nominated for anything–far too many other beautiful stories came out this year, deep ones with deep things to say and not just OH SHIT ISN’T THIS COOL appeal–I might as well be all BUY MY BOOK and mention them. All three are eligible for the Hugos, the Nebulas, and any other short story categories you might care to mention in the 2012 horse races. Some of them have even been on the Year’s Best/Recommended lists of various cool people.

Her Words Like Hunting Vixens Spring, Lightspeed, February 2012
Tornado’s Siren, Strange Horizons, February 2012
Sun Dogs, Lightspeed, September 2012

In addition, I’m also in my first year of eligibility for the John W. Campbell Award For Best New Writer. So if you want to see me looking rather ridiculous in a little crown within the next two years, here’s your chance of making that vicious dream a brutal reality.

Thanks to everybody who votes, and everybody over the past year who has sent encouragement and/or praise for my silly little stories. You guys rock.