Eligibility Post of Eligibility!

So I wasn’t even sure if it was worth doing this, seeing as how I’m a lazy bum who only had one thing published last year. But according to Sources it was a Big Thing, and worth remarking on, and I am nothing if not susceptible to peer pressure.

The one thing was my pulp novelette, And You Shall Know Her By The Trail Of Dead, published in Lightspeed Magazine last February, now nearly a year (good god) gone. Over at Tor.com, Amal El-Mohtar called it an “amazing … no-holds-barred pulp action cuss-fest.” Max Gladstone’s extremely generous review at Goodreads (first time I’ve ever had something up for review at Goodreads, natch) says, “it’s the kind of action you only find in prose, beautiful with sharp edges.” Rich Horton of Locus, who picked it up for the Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2016, writes that the lead’s voice is, “profane, vulnerable, and very darkly funny … well-executed, with a perfect, twisty ending.” Bubbajoe123456 of the io9 comments section says that “all the characters sound like they have tourettes.”

It’s big and violent and sort of silly and it took me three years to finish writing the damn thing, but there is a lot of me in this story, and a lot of my heart, and that probably says more about who I am than I initially wanted to admit in public. ‘And You Shall Know Her By The Trail Of Dead’ is eligible for Best Novelette on both the Nebula and Hugo ballots, so if you enjoyed it or were moved by it or just really like f-bombs and think fun stories can also have big dumb hearts inside their gunpowder-stained chests, go ahead and give it one of your slots, with much thanks for your consideration.