2016 Award Eligibility Post: A Feather-Counting Contest in an F5 Tornado.

Pretty short one this year: I had a single story published in 2016, this month’s “overtly political, obviously Mary Sue” dark fantasy Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies in Uncanny Magazine. It’s a little over a thousand words long, took me three rage-fueled hours to finish–unfettered rage is a hell of a word generator, turns out–and is probably the first & only story I’ve ever written I wouldn’t feel slightly guilty seeing on an awards ballot. The world is a raging garbage fire and there are bigger things to worry about right now than fiction, but some readers have told me ‘Talons’ is helping them gnash and claw their way through an unprecedentedly shitty chunk of our shared timeline. Honestly, that’s all I give a toss about in the long run.

“Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies” is eligible for Best Short Story on the Nebula and Hugo ballots. I guess it could also go on the Locus & World Fantasy lists later in the year, provided we’re not all fighting wild dogs for the last scraps of food in a nuclear wasteland by then. I don’t know about you, but my future vision only extends to about six months ahead these days.

2016 SFWA recommended reading list is here; you can vote for your favourites if you’re a member. Only SFWA members can nominate and vote on the Nebulas; the deadline is February 15th.

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